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July 30 2018

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July 28 2018

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July 21 2018

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A different version of you exists in the minds of everyone who knows you.
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July 19 2018

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July 17 2018

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Lately I have had a minor obsession with scouring YouTube for glimpses of the magnificent Cheshire Cat from the Royal Ballet’s Alice in Wonderland. Most of the above gifs come from here but the top one comes from here. You can also see the cat going to pieces here.

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Moon bowl.
10.5" diameter. 4" high. Glazed black with a hint of red at the rim. Gold and silver lustred stars and galaxy within the middle.
Underside is modelled to recreate the surface of our moon and is left unglazed.
Available as a one off concept bowl ..never to be remade at earthwoolfire.etsy.com

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Engraved Wood and Resin Tables Glow With Maps of International Cities

Warsaw-based company Woo Design engraves aerial views of major international cities like New York, Paris, London, and Munich into wooden coffee tables left raw or filled with resin. The designs are built with three layers to give a complete view of each city, with specific segments that reveal its streets, building tops, and waterways. In several of the company’s designs the resin embedded in the table glows a bright blue or green, adding a luminous element to the table’s surface. Woo Design’s tables are currently available through their website and Etsy. You can follow along for more updated cities and designs on their Instagram.


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July 14 2018

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July 12 2018

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